About us

The team

The permanent employees

Solagro regroups a team of multidisciplinary experts who are fully involved and convinced of the importance of the concertation and appropriation phases to ensure the sustainable success of projects.

  • Sylvaine BERGER

    follows methanization research projects and accompanies collectivities in their carbon reports (Bilan carbone®). She also advises project owners about methanization, in particular concerning waste water treatment plants.
  • Jean-Luc BOCHU

    is our « energy and greenhouse gas » in farming referent. Planete, Dia’terre®, ACCT: these farm-scaled diagnostic tools, recognized beyond French borders, are the fruit of his expertise. He accompanies agricultural drying projects.
  • Madeleine CHARRU

    Director, ensures the economic and financial management of the structure, as well as the management of the team that is in charge of the implementation of the project defined in coordination with the board of directors.
  • Anne Laure CONSTANTIN

    is communication and human resources manager. She is also in charge of the organizational management of Solagro.
  • Marine Cordelier

    accompanies methanization project holders throughout France.
  • Frédéric COULON

    is our « territorial agricultural strategy » specialist: he accompanies farmers and collectivities that commit to tree and hedge preservation or plantation.
  • Christian COUTURIER

    Director of the energy unit, expert in energy transition, he is responsible for our methanization, renewable gas and forest-fuelwood energy activities.
  • Eloïse DESCAMPS

    accompanies the territories into energetic, agricultural and food transition. She intervenes on the topic of food territorial plan.

    accompanies agricultural methanization projects. Bilan Carbone® referent, she also intervenes in territorial energy planning missions and carries out more general studies concerning energy issues.
  • Sylvain DOUBLET

    takes an interest in soil life, water quality and in greenhouse gas emissions in rural territories as well as in climate resilience in agricultural and forestry systems. He takes part in our European projects, in particular with the JRC or the European Commission.

    accompanies methanization project holders throughout France.
  • Rémi GAYRARD

    is an info-energy counsellor. He coordinates the Toulouse metropole Info-Energy mission and accompanies more particularly co-property projects.
  • Caroline GIBERT

    is our biological control expert, and coordinates the Herbea knowledge spreading project in this field.
  • Marine GIMARET

    studies the impact of agricultural practices on biodiversity. She pilots the Osaé project, Osez l'agroécologie (dare agroecology).
  • Céline LABOUBEE

    accompanies methanization projects from feasibility study to assistance to the project owner. She also advises and informs collectivities about fuelwood.
  • Sandrine LAMBERT

    is an info-energy advisor. She advises private individuals about saving energy and about renewable energies.
  • Florin MALAFOSSE

    accompanies the territories into energetic, agricultural and food transition.
  • Sophie MARIN

    is administrative and logistics Assistant. She is in charge of the reception area, the events and the training organization.
  • Isabelle MEIFFREN

    is in charge of communication and takes part in the coordination / animation of our collectivity accompaniment missions that commit to "positive energy " territorial strategies.
  • Nicolas METAYER

    is the « energy / GHG » in agriculture representative. Among other studies along these themes, he provides training courses on Dia’terre® throughout France et is also exported in Europe, thanks to European programs.
  • Simon MÉTIVIER

    worked in industry as a consultant in conception and R and D. He is in charge of projects related to « power to gas », to methanation.
  • Muriel MONTET

    is administrative and accountant assistant. She is responsible for social management.
  • Julie MOTHES

    is an executive assistant. She is in charge of answers to calls for tenders, web communication operations and of supporting the associative life.
  • Mathieu OULMONT

    is an info-energy advisor. He advises private individuals about saving energy and about renewable energies.
  • Philippe POINTEREAU

    directs the agro-environment branch of Solagro. Expert in agricultural environment impacts, he is recognized as an accelerator of agroecology and food transitions.
  • Céline PORHEL

    accompanies methanization and renewable energy project holders in rural areas.
  • Jérémie PRIAROLLO

    is responsible for the rural methanization engineering activity. He intervenes in training, particularly on the agronomical aspects of methanization.
  • Déborah TURON-LAGOT

    assists the director with her administrative and financial tasks.

The board of directors

Our Board of directors counts between 8 and 14 members and is elected during the general assembly of the members of our association. It is renewed in quarter each year. It meets each quarter to direct and follow the development of the activities. Driving engine of the board of directors, the Bureau counts 5 people.

  • Jacques Berthelot

    ENSAT retired professor, specialized in rural economy.
  • Cécile Canale

    Communication manager for local authorities. Cecile Canal is vice-chairwoman of Solagro.
  • Arielle Cleu

    Engineer, Arielle works as consultant to support territories economic development and more specifically for local resources valorization, social and fair-trade economy. Arielle Cleu is vice-chairwoman of Solagro.
  • Marc Deconchat

    Dynafor laboratory director and researcher in landscape ecology at INRA, Marc Deconchat is chairman of Solagro.
  • Françoise de Solan

    Farmer in Ariège (French Pyrénées), she produces organic cereals and apples and she does direct and short circuit sale.
  • Claire Dumas

    Claire Dumas is Research Officer in the field of biologic and waste valorization. She is the secretary of Solagro.
  • Mathilde Gresset

    participates to the management board as an observer.
  • Bruno Legagneux

    Teacher researcher in agricultural economy at ENSAT, Bruno Legagneux is one of the founder of Solagro and also his treasurer.
  • Paul Neau

    Manager of an engineering office specialized in sustainable energies and environment, Paul Neau is vice-president of Solagro. He has been Solagro president from 2012 to 2014.
  • Xavier Normand

    Xavier Normand is a consultant engineer in the field of sustainable cities and territories.
  • Etienne Paul

    Etienne Paul is professor in higher education, in the field of biologic reactors, treatment processes and waste and effluent valorization.
  • Christophe Pouyanne

    Farmer in Tarn (South west of France), Christophe Pouyanne produces in respect of agro-ecology and sells essentially in short distribution circuit.
  • Marc Raymond

    Teacher at the National School of Architecture of Toulouse, Marc Raymond is an architect specialized in individual and collective housing, projects related to environment and scenographic installation of cultural area.
  • Alain Salcedo

    Retired farmer, Alain Salcedo is one of the founder of Solagro.
  • Henri Schneider

    Teacher researcher at INP Toulouse (Polytechnic Institute) in the field of electric and renewable energies conversion.