Focus areas


Our vision

Solagro contributes to reflections and innovations for sustainable agricultural and food production through:

  • A recognized expertise in the service of the elaboration and the evaluation of agricultural and environmental policies
  • The creation of diagnostic tools that produce indicators allowing to estimate and reduce the energy and environmental impact of farms (Dialecte, Dia'terre®, Nopolu, Cimagri®, …) and of knowledge transfer tools (Osaé, Herbea, Haute Valeur Naturelle...).
  • Collaborations with a wide panel of French and European actors (farmers, farm organizations, research bodies, education) for the implementation of the economical and efficient practices that the energy and agroecology transitions require.

Solagro is firstly inspired by the innovations and successes of farmers, in the field. Our flagship project Osaé – Osez l'agroécologie (Dare agroecology) aims to contribute to the development of agroecology in France by helping to spread knowledge based on very concrete and detailed examples and on the presentation of a technical approach placed in context. While agricultural development has all too often been designed as « top down», we want to go towards a two way model.

We favor a global and systemic approach, that ensures the coherence of our expertise and recommendations and to anticipate the various future stakes (energy, environmental, climatic, agricultural space consumption, food quality). Our approach now operates at the food system level and not solely within the agricultural system.

Our services

What is Solagro's recipe? A cocktail of technical expertise, prospective works and accompaniment of concrete projects, that allow us to « keep our feet on the ground ». Training is the third major lever of our interventions.