Focus areas

Anaerobic digestion

Our vision

Solagro has been working in the fields of methanization and of biogas since its creation in 1981. We have been accompanying the new surge of methanization since the 2000s, by actively participating to the structuration of the industry and the implementation of projects, concepts and innovating methods:

  •   principle of territorial agricultural methanization
  •   launch of the bio-methane and bio-CNG industries
  •   methanization territorial plans
  •   integration of methanization as an agro-system optimization tool
  •   concept of bioreactors for domestic waste landfills

Our services

Working towards the development of a real waste recycling industry via the production of renewable gas is the ambition of Solagro's methanization activity.

At the heart of our reflection is the economic viability and the energy efficiency of projects.

Our action is based on the following fundamental principles:
−    Independence and scientific rigor,
−    Transparency,
−    Pragmatism and consideration of practical realities,
−    « Customized » accompaniment,
−    The pursuit of maximal energy efficiency, through the valorization of all the products of methanization

The polyvalence of our expertise domains, our excellent knowledge of the rural world, our independence and our pragmatism allow us to take action as an actor recognized for our capacity to create custom-made solutions, and to allow the local actors, farmers and collectivities, to retain a central position in the projects.

As an actor of the methanization development in France since 1981, we accompany all waste recycling project holders, providing expert, independent and enlightened advice, from feasibility study to unit startup.

We also put our field knowledge in the service of research programs and national strategic studies.

We organize training courses.