Focus areas

Forest & fuelwood

Our vision: integration, multi-abilities and innovation

Solagro proposes a global approach to fuelwood, from the forest to the end uses of wood:

  • The mobilization of wood must be based on a forestry that is respectful of and reinforces biodiversity, takes into account the vulnerability of forests faced with climate changes, integrates the multi-functionality of wooded areas. From our point of view, forest management should draw inspiration from the notion of "common property", and associate all stakeholders in the definition of objectives at different levels, from national policies down to forest massifs.
  • We also accord great importance to other wood resources, whether it be woody hedges agro-forestry, trees outside of forests in general, left-overs, by-products and waste resulting from wood transformation activities and from consumption of different wood products.
  • Downstream, the energy industries are conceived in synergy with material industries, whether it be timber or lumber, with the will to reduce competition risks as much as possible.

Our prospective work shows that it is possible to produce more wood material and more fuelwood in order to reduce our dependency upon non-renewable and greenhouse gas producing resources, energy and non-energy resources. We are working on the real carbon reports of the fuelwood industry, taking into account not only the fossil energy substitution effects, but also their impact on carbon storage in wooded areas.

Our services

Solagro carries out tailored studies and audits, evaluates the high-priority needs of territories and actors: local and territorial supply programs, identification of needs (structures, abilities, financing). Solagro also carries out middle and long term prospective work based on current and future needs – and on resources that can be mobilized, in order to define strategic directions and a road-map. Solagro also intervenes on request in training and animation with « inexperienced » project owners.