Focus areas

Strategic planning

Biomass plans, renewable energy plans, agricultural and food strategies, biogas-methanization plans, territorial climate energy plans, industry structuration…: our interventions cover varied themes, and go from the idea to dimensioning the projects, through the co-elaboration of your road-map.

Our assets: our long experience, our understanding of the play between actors, strong knowledge of regulations, laws, finances around these issues, a definite liking for prospective and innovation, implication in research and development projects.

Our vision

As the main holders of renewable resources - water, lands, wind, sun, biomasses,… the rural territories are, just as much as towns, at the outposts of energy and agroecology transitions.

Territorial planning of these transitions is a powerful local development lever: it restores economic and financial autonomy margins, federates a multitude of actors and interests around a common goal.

Solagro brings territories its ability to initiate a systemic reflection, in order to create coherence between politicians or industries who all too often ignore each other, when they don't contradict one another.

Our accompaniment mixes specialized expertise with an active pedagogy, to allow a correct appropriation of the stakes, a comprehension of the efforts that will be necessary over time but also of dividends to come.

Creating a common culture, establishing trusting ties between communities of actors, stimulating the desire to takes actions in the same direction, are for us the foundations upon which the politicians and the projects should grow.

Our services

We intervene in assistance to the project owner with collectivities who embark upon planning activities, be it in the energy or agricultural field. These interventions are fed by our prospective studies and other contributions to different level (local, national, European) scripting exercises. Lastly, we intervene on request to train elected representatives or territorial officers in charge of these issues.