Our services

Engineering & expert advice

Since the first solar dryer for fodder that we built in 1981, Solagro's span has grown, abilities have widened…but the taste for demonstration remains!

Facing the many issues and challenges linked to the implementation of transitions, we aim to prove through example that « things are possible »… and buoyant.

Farmers, elected representatives and territorial officers, industrials: be they partners or sponsors, our interlocutors are very diverse and deeply involved in the success of their projects.

Enthusiasm in a founding principle within our team. We build « tailored » solutions and accompany each of our projects, as far as possible, with conviction.

Our principles

Three intervention principles guide our engineering and advice activities:

•    Understanding and adapting to the specifics of each project, with no a priori

Being independent from all providers of material or equipment, our advice and expertise are guided by the pursuit of economic, technical and environmental efficiency.

The accompaniments we offer are fed by our field experience feedback, acquired since 1981; they are thought out in perfect adequacy with the local context and according to orientations arbitrated at each key stage.

•    Providing a unique expertise, from study to startup

Thanks to our teams' multi-disciplines (agronomical engineers, energy experts, communication and concertation experts) and to tools that capitalization and that share information collected over the years, Solagro offers a complete engineering solution that can go from study of the project up to the startup, and the follow-up of the functioning of the installations. Listening, permanent dialogue, anticipation and methodological rigor guarantee the smooth progress of the missions.

•    Communicate to mobilize and ensure project success

Solagro provides its sponsors with a team of technical experts who are convinced in the central role that the concertation, raising awareness and animation phases play in the appropriation and success of projects in terms of energy and environmental performance.

We regularly need to accompany our sponsors in the implementation of their communication strategies. This could be done through writing communication documents, or through the animation of participative workshops.

What is it about ?

•    Carrying out the technical-economic study and assisting in the implementation of renewable energy production projects: methanization, fuelwood, solar drying… With, in line of sight, irreproachable technical and economic viability.

•    Advising collectivities in their approach to territorial planning, regarding energy, agriculture or food. When well driven, these approaches hold promise for the future and are federating for the actors of the territory.

•    Conducting collective evaluation – improvement actions to consolidate innovative industries (fuelwood, short food circuits, organic farming…)