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Solagro has developed Dialecte, a comprehensive and rapid tool to assess the environmental performance of farms, applicable to any type of farming systems in Europe.


The tool was designed to help farmers identify the scopes of improvement for a better sustainability of agricultural production on their own farms. In order to understand the agro-ecosystem with complex flows and interactions, an holistic view is required to analyse the farming system as a whole.

Application areas

France Europe

Approach and Methodology

The methodology tool is divided in two main parts: (A) a quantitative approach based on indicators. The tool calculates 43 agro-environmental indicators to produce (i) a whole farm approach that assesses the farm diversity and the management of inputs, and (ii) an assessment of the potential impacts of the farm on water, soil, biodiversity and resource use; (B) a qualitative approach taking into account the historical, social and economical environment of the farm.


Number of users registered: 3 500 (France: 3450, Other countries: 50) Type of users: • Farmers: yes • Farming organization, advisors: yes • Environmental associations: yes • Students: yes • Research: yes • Food industries: yes • Others: Number of Power Users (significant use of the tool): 200

Access to the tool and Computer Terms

License: no, free access


Date : 1994
Designers : Created and developed by Solagro since 1993.