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Measures at farm level to reduce GHG emissions from EU agriculture

The AgriClimateChange program partners grouped 10 significant actions to fight against climate change at the farm scale into 3 main categories: agronomic measures, livestock follow-up measures, or measures concerning energy sobriety and the development of renewable energies. Each measure is described in its energy and climate interest and indicates the farming systems concerned, the implementation costs, the associated environmental co-benefits, the implementation possibilities for the CAP 2014-2020 and finally the technical feasibility for farmers.


Year : 2014
Nb pages : 65
Language : E
Author : Jordi Domingo, Eduardo De Miguel, and Blanca Hurtado (Fundación Global Nature, Spain), and Nicolas Métayer, Jean-Luc Bochu and Philippe Pointereau (Solagro, France). Sylvain Pellerin, Laure Bamière and Lénaïc Pardon (INRA, France).

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