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A 100% renewable gas mix in 2050?

Interested in exploring the potential of a 100% renewable gas mix by 2050 in France, ADEME, GrDF and GRTgaz chose to work with a team led by Solagro to conduct a prospective feasibility study.


The study was organized in three parts: - an evaluation of the availability of resources to produce renewable gas through three main processes (anaerobic digestion, gasification, power-to-gas) - an evaluation of the total demand for gas in 2050, taking into account both gobal energy savings and a new demand for fuel gas - the need to optimize the balance between supply and demand via an adaptation of existing networks.

The summary is available here.


Finally, different scenarios were created to test the sensitivity to various issues: - the relative importance of renewable gas in the total energy mix - resource accessibility


For : ADEME, GrDF, GRTgaz
Date : 2017 - 2018
Aera : Renewable gas
Services : Engineering Expert advice / Research Prospective

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A summary of the study is available in English here