Focus areas

Renewable gas

Our vision

Biogas valorization is one of the fundamental viability conditions of a methanization project. Our constant quest for optimization has brought us to develop strong experience on all conceivable technical solutions of valorization (gas treatment, cogeneration valorization, bio-methane, biogas fuel (CNG), direct use, etc.), in all sectors (methanization gas and landfill gas).

The negaWatt scenario has highlighted the central role of the gas vector in the energy transition, giving it a major role as fuel in the transport field and an important role in balancing the electrical system, with methanation. It also shows the possible place that biomass gas can take in general (bio methane and wood gas), including synthetic gas. These three subjects are as many strategic main lines that Solagro bears.

Our services

The development of renewable gases is right at the beginning in France. Solagro has been accompanying it for over twenty years through prospective studies and research & development projects. Our activities have diversified with the emergence of the first implementations, and now namely include studies, engineering and training.