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Research & prospective

The ability to innovate is part of Solagro's DNA. Through the production of evaluation indicators, prospective studies or research and development, we contribute to reinforcing the credibility of energy and agro-ecological transitions. The Afterres2050 scenario has become one of the showcases of this aspect of our activity.

Solagro's specifics

Our research and prospective activities are carried out with a double intent:

  • Keeping a step ahead, to accelerate the implementation of transitions
  • Guaranteeing their relevance with regards to the preoccupations of the field actors.
  • Solagro is therefore brought to act as the interface between researchers and socio-economic actors by carrying out various missions:
  • Study of environmental and socio-economic impacts of the studied innovations, life-cycle analysis,
  • Animation of the users' monitoring committee or « Stakeholders Advisory Board » in European projects,
  • Organization of the transfer of research results to the economic actors (Herbea project to  spread scientific knowledge in biological control, for example).

The precursory work carried out by our European neighbors form one of our inspiration sources: beyond an exchange of experiences and of knowledge, the projects in which we are involved provide us with the chance to identify industries with a significant development potential.

What is this?

  • Participating in French or European multi-partner research projects, financed by the ADEME (French agency of the environment and of energy control), ANR (French national research agency) or the European Commission Horizon 2020 program
  • Carrying out prospective studies, on a local, national or European scale, to guide action plans or to contribute to the public debate
  • Creating methods and indicators to evaluate the current practices and policies to give a direction to tomorrow's
  • Compiling technical-economic data and references on practices and industries so as to be able to guide and evaluate their future evolutions.

Our scientific publications

  • Tremier A., Buffet. J., Daumoin M., Saint Cast P., Picard S., Le Roux S., Berger S. and P. Dabert (2015), Temporal stability in agricultural and urban full-scale anaerobic digesters. 14th World congress on anaerobic digestion November 15-18, Vina del Mar, Chile
  • Tremier A., Buffet J., Berger S., Dabert P. (2013 ), Characterization of digestates: agronomic value and residual biodegradability. 13th World congress on anaerobic digestion: Recovering (Bio)resources for the world. June 25-28, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Aggeliki Doxa, Maria Luisa Paracchini, Philippe Pointereau, Vincent Devictor, and Frédéric Jiguet, 2011. « Preventing biotic homogenization of farmland bird communities: The role of High Nature Value farmland ». Journal of Applied Ecology
  • Pointereau, P., F. Coulon,  A. Doxxa,  M. L. Paracchini, J.-M. Terres, F. Jiguet. “Les systèmes agricoles à haute valeur naturelle en France métropolitaine”, Courrier de l'environnement de l'INRA n° 59, octobre 2010
  • VAYSSIERES J., THEVENOT A., VIGNE M., DE LABURTHE B., BOCHU J.L., LECOMTE P., Fossil energy consumptions and green house gas emissions of ruminant and monogastric productions in Réunion Island in Actes des Journées Rencontre Recherche Ruminants, 2010

Zoom on … the Afterres2050 scenario

Opening a multi-discipline debate on assessed and solid basis, systemically exploring  innovative paths to find how to take up new challenges: these are the aims of the prospective Afterres2050 scenario that was worked out and developed by Solagro. What are today's questions? How will we healthily feed a much larger population in 2050? How will we also feed our livestock, provide renewable carbon for energy, chemistry, bio-material, when the equivalent of a French department is artificialized every 10 years? Is it possible to do so without causing irreversible damage to the climate and to biodiversity? Can we if only reverse the trend of the environmental and climatic damage to our farming and food system?

To find out more: afterres2050.solagro.org